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Xtreme Rivals: Car Racing

(34 061 hlasů)
HikBoo Studios
květen 2024
Naposledy aktualizováno:
červenec 2024
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Xtreme Rivals Car Racing is an adrenaline-fueled 3D driving game that puts you behind the wheel of high-speed machines against fierce competitors. This car racing game challenges you with different roads and landscapes with rewards to match your effort.

How to Play Xtreme Rivals Car Racing

You aim to win; it's as simple as that, but speed and guardrails generally don't help with your objective. This is a race against some pretty boastful characters introduced to you throughout levels, so from the start, you want to have them eat your dust, and quite literally, while on dirt roads.

Your mission is to race across diverse tracks, from city streets to exotic landscapes. The 3D simulated landscapes look so real sometimes you may worry if you're going too fast in a residential zone.

Nitro Boost

Speed and precision will win this race. If you need a boost, press the N key for a nitro charge, which will accelerate your car by significant mileage and get you to the finish line fast.

Upgrade Your Car

Customize and upgrade your car, then dominate every race mode, from sprints to circuits. Rewards will get you upgrades. You start with a "Suberoo" car, which can reach 200 kilometers per hour. You're not here to play it safe. Earn yourself a car that is a nitro boost from the start.

With stunning graphics and offline play, it's time to rev up and chase victory. May the best driver win!


Follow the blue arrows. The curves are the toughest part. Once you master those, you're good to go.

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Release Date

May 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Naposledy aktualizováno

03. 7. 2024

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